Peria School Pet Day


WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peria School’s annual Pet Day was a great success with it being a beautiful day along with a great turnout of parents and  community members.

The classrooms looked outstanding with displays of miniature gardens, monster masks, baking, clay work, vegetable animals and crazy hats to name a few.
There was a great turnout and variety of animals on show ranging from horses, lambs, calves pigs, rabbits, spider, rabbits, turtle and  ducks.  The judging was followed by some hilarious races including 3 legged, potato and spoon , sack races and Tug of War that all proved to be very entertaining.  Finally as a school fundraiser a “Buckets Up” raffle was held which proved very popular.  A special thank you to the Peria A & P Association for their generous support along with the ANZ Bank.

The results are as follows:

Horse: Most Versatile and Best Groomed 1st Zara Riddle on Bridie. McDowell Horse Cup for Overall Champion – Zara Riddle.
Calves: Leading 1st Anika Riddle with Freckles, 2nd Cory Hickey with Pixel.  Rearing 1st Cory Hickey, 2nd Anika Riddle.  Obedience 1st Anika Riddle, 2nd Cory Hickey.  Overall Champion Calf Cup went to Anika Riddle.
Goat: Leading & Appearance – Aria Wilkinson.
Lambs: Leading 1st Piripi George-Morland with Parbu, 2nd Olivia Kemp with Pepper, 3rd Anika’Bella Baker with Pepper.  Appearance: 1st Olivia Kemp, 2nd Molleigh Masters with Salt, 3rd equal Piripi George-Morland and Anika’Bella Baker.
Dogs Junior Class: Most Obedient, 1st Mereana Tane with Missy, 2nd Sophie Frear with Mischa
Overall Junior Champion Dog – Mereana Tana with Missy
Dogs Senior Class: Obstacle Course, Cory Hickey with Tess, 2nd Tui Wilkinson with Patch, 3rd Emily Thompson-Phimester with Rocket.  Grooming 1st Hori Tane with Caesar, 2nd Cory Hickey, 3rd Jorja Masters with Saffron. Best Trick 1st Jorja Masters, 2nd Emily Thompson-Phimester 3rd Cory Hickey.  Overall Senior Champion Dog went to Tui Wilkinson with Patch.

General Pets: Alex Kelly with a Water Boatman, Sebestian Sobr-Sosnowski with Tamaris the Duck, Charlotte and Isabella Maria with Cinderalla and Snowball the bunnies, Nina Heron with Bunny, Havannah Rapana with Duck, Te Aroha with Guinea Pig, Che Sharp with Twink Turtle, Fynn Atkinson with Axolottle and Bart Tomlin with Charlotte the KuniKuni Pig.

Margaret Silva Memorial Cup of Best Classroom Display was won by Jorja Masters with her Paper Mache Head.

Te Puna


Te Rangi

Hobbies; Yu Gi O cards are the mad craze at the moment with students proudly displaying their collections of rare and the most powerful cards. Lego still remains a firm favorite with megablocks a close second.

Miniature Gardens (Fantasy Theme); a massive range of fantasy gardens ranging from Lego landscapes to Alien Spaceships and Unicorn Forests.

Baking; a huge range of some stunning baking all made by our students with no or limited assistance from parents.

Clay Pots; A special range of coil pots made at school and fired in the school sawdust kiln, a great experience and superb learning.

Opinion  Heads; Paper mache heads carefully constructed with an eye to developing facial detail in sculpting using paper media. This was combined in a  cross curricula theme incorporating opinion writing on a range of subjects from “why children need their own rooms” , “lollies are good for you” to whether “dinosaurs should be brought back to life” a no brainer as far as most of my boys are concerned!



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  1. Josi Riddle 12 November 2014 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    These photos are both hilarious and precious. Kapai to mahi Mr PIckard on both your MC’ing on the day and then adding these photos and text to the website for all to see. It was a great day.

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