Surfing in Ahipara 2017

Today Te Rangi and Te Awa went to Ahipara for the junior surfer programme, when we got there the instructors told us what to do if we got stuck in the rip and then they told us to line up in two lines so they could give us our wet suits. We got changed into our wet suits the surf instructors gave us surf boards and told us to walk down to the beach, when everyone was on the beach we were told to put our surfboards on the ground and unravel the leg rope that was on the tail of the surfboard they taught us how to stand up on the surfboard.  We then were split up into five groups my group had Anamarie, Soul-Jah, Shasa, Kayleigh and myself.

We then were told we could go to about ten metres from the water and then put the leg rope on our ankle then we could go into the water, I ended up standing on the board one time for about five seconds.  After two hours we got told to go back to the house next we got changed ate lunch and then headed back to school.


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