The Magic Journey

Mum YELLED ‘’hurry up  and go into the woods and find your brother’’

“OK OK I’m coming” I said. I ran into the woods to find my brother, then I

suddenly stopped as I saw a Magical golden key. I knew it was special. After I

was looking at the key for a while my eyes went fuzzy and I slipped down on a

ledge. I used the fat, hard roots of the tree to pull myself up. I got up and ran

home as fast as I could. When I came back and opened the door and it wasn’t

my mum. I ran through the house and they started to call the police. I opened

the door  – all I saw was black. The door started to pull me through. Inside I

was on the moon then I jumped off and I was back in the house. Then I saw a

mirror. I looked at the mirror for ages, so long the mirror started to pull

me through. I was trapped forever and ever and never got out.


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