K.J undercover

Dear my dearest diary.

My birthday is coming up I’m so excited.

I’m sorry i forget to introduce myself . Hi my name is Isa, I live in france, I live with my mother Emily and my father Lord Henry. He is actually really famous should I tell you my secret can I trust you so i will tell you how I became famous in France and all around the world.

It was about 4 years ago, I was 10 years I was living in Paris.

I was on the way to school I looked at my phone OH NO I was late i started to run and run when I got to school the bell was already rang so i walk to my mathematics class. My Teacher Mrs. Polly was giving out a surprise math test oh no I hate maths tests. So I sat down next to my best friend Issy and Havannah started the test tic toc tic toc went the clock on the wall after the forever it seemed   and when the bell rang for morning break Principal jellybean called me to her office when I was walking i wondered did I do something wrong am i in trouble because I have never got in trouble so I walked in the principal’s office and there was a note for me so i opened the note it said”

To Kacy I would like you to know the a limo will come and pick you up at 3:30 after school today the divers name s is bob and he will take you to the shop for something

From picnpal jellybean!!

PS : make sure you go with your mother she will know.


I ran home so excited when i got home to my mum and told her everything and showed her the note. Beep Beep  I looked outside the limo was here so me and my mum jumped in the limo and it dove off when i got there was a blossom tree outside swaying gently  in the wind side to side. Me and my mum walked inside the shop there was flowers and at the front desk mum said “ can I have the best flowers you got” and the old lady at the front desk said welcome Ej40 and Ij12 and went behind curtain and I pulled the curtain off me and i looked WOW!! I said in my head I asked my mum “ what is this place” mum looked at me  you will see it was just a elevator the door opened and mum push the button it was odd because `nothing was there so all these questions in my head was piling up and up and up !

When the door opened there  was a T shirt and some tights the T shirt was a sky blue color and the T shirt said on it in training mum said to put on the T shirt and the pant were black with a golden color belt with shiney sarpleys and I put on the the clothes in the changing room and walked out to my mum then my mum told me to go and put my hand on the wall right over there so I stepped forward and put my hand on the wall and the room started to shake and shake but for some reason I was the only thing that was moving in the room.

Then suddenly I stopped shaking and the door opened and I walking through and where was my mum did she disappeared or something like that so I walked through the door there was someone waiting for me there Hi my name is A1 and you must be K.j 12 um i don’t think so Im kacy Jacks i know this is sunshine spy headquarters and you are our newest spy everybody will call you Kj12 to shorten your name for kacy Jacks  ok so now you have to come with me to training I thought in my head what is training what does she mean by training so I followed A1 to the training room and the was nothing in there It was just white.

To be continued


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