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Peria School Pet Day

PERIA SCHOOL PET DAY WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peria School's annual Pet Day was a great success with it being a beautiful day along with a great turnout of parents and  community members. The classrooms [...]

By |2014-11-12T09:26:21+00:005th November 2014|General, Te Rangi|1 Comment

Taipa Zone Athletics

Another great day for all the students from Te Rangi. Sun and a great day competition wise. All of our students competed and all tried their hardest. It makes you proud to see our kids [...]

By |2015-06-04T12:29:07+00:0012th December 2013|Sports|0 Comments

Shared Kai

Te Puna decided to have a shared kai one lunchtime, all the kids were enthusiatic and when Te Rangi asked if they could have some problem. Aleesha provided the boil up brisket, potatoes and [...]

By |2013-10-15T15:37:17+00:0015th October 2013|Te Puna|0 Comments


I often have raging debates with friends about the effectiveness and in some cases necessity for ICT in our daily lives. Having been born in an ICT-less era and only recently being a convert to [...]

By |2013-09-01T22:26:51+00:001st September 2013|General|0 Comments

How much paint?

As part of our regular Mathematics Program Te Rangi Students are being asked to problem solve 'real life' situations using their mathematical expertise. This week students have been asked to calculate how much paint we [...]

By |2013-09-01T16:31:21+00:001st September 2013|Mathematics|0 Comments
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