Jamie Mitchell’s Autumn Fox Story


The hot dry, sand fused wind used to hurt when it hit Akihito’s face but after 2 years of living in a dead hot wasteland it just felt normal, Akihito was wandering through the wasteland doing his usual, which is to find water and food to survive the next week.

He had been walking for 2 hours until he found an old tin shack, well, more like standing rust. He grabbed the door and pulled back as hard as he could expecting it to be hard to pull, but it opened in an instant even without a creak. “Someone has been here recently” he thought. He looked into the dark shack, he couldn’t see much. He knelt down and reached into his backpack and pulled out his torch. “Gosh, Im happy they had solar powered everything before everything went dead”. He pressed the ‘ON’ button on the torched and looked around, there was a bedroll and a few empty water bottles. He saw some pizza on a plate next to the bedroll “not even mouldy yet” Akihito thought. He walked in and put plastic wrap around the pizza and put it in his backpack. He stood up and walked outside, only to find 3 men Pointing guns at him! “So you’re the one  stealing our stuff” said one of the men. “You’ve caused a lot of our men to starve you know” said another. “Wait, no that wasn’t me, I just found this place” said Akihito as the third man pulled off his backpack. “Oh yeah then how’d you explain this?” the third man said as he threw the pizza at Akihito’s face. “I thought no one lived here I swear, please just let me go, I don’t want to hurt anyone.” “Haha he thinks can hurt us” said the second man. The first man went to grab Akihito by the neck, as he reached out Akihito ducked grabbed his arm pulled him closer and jumped leading to a strike to the nose with the knee. As the first man bent over in pain holding his nose, Akihito proceeded to spin around and swiftly give a roundhouse kick to the man’s head. This move was the last one, the other men quickly turned around and ran as hard as they could. Akihito turned back and went back to the shack was hoping to find more supplies, but little did he know that there was nothing to be found for the next 50 miles or so. It had been a day walking in that same direction, Akihito could not walk too much for one day because of the heat, it would get to blazing hot for him to walk too much for a day so he would put his bedroll down and sleep out the cold, lifeless nights, at least he would if he could, Akihito was an insomniac. As he rested on the bedroll in the middle of the desert, he listened out to make sure nothing was coming, but it was another cold silent night.




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