Far North Zone Cross Country

Monday the 8th of September, Peria School hosted the Far North Zone Cross Country.  An amazing event that sees all the top runners from East, West and North Primary School Zones (Hokianga North), compete against eachother to gain a place in the Northland Primary school Cross Country in Dargaville.

The heavy rain over Winter meant we had to change courses this year – this however turned into a positive with many people commenting they liked the new course and layout and the mud obstacles made it very memorable and a huge day for all students who attended.  The sun shone and the spectators enjoyed being able to stand it the middle of the course and watch their kids run around the 1km course.  A special mention about our runners; on the day I did not see one runner give up, every child ran their hardest and completed the course to the best of their abilities, fantastic effort.

Peria School would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who helped make the day so fantastic, especially the Olsen Family for the use of their land.  The School fundraises during these two events by selling food and drinks and would not be able to do so without the support from the parents, families and our wonderful community.

Photos supplied by Evans Clan Sport Fan – search on FB for over 300 photos of the day.


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