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At  home I was watching tv  and  I got kidnapped.  I  screamed  for my  mum  and Dad  "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"  I   screamed and  screamed  and  i    bit     the    kidnappers  hnd   and  irar   to   my  [...]

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Crazy Hair Day!

On the 11th of August, 2017 we had a 'Crazy hair day'.  Lots of kids had crazy hair! There was also a bake sale and heaps of kids brought baking. We were fundraising for Kids [...]

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Swimming Sports

On Wednesday the 1st of March we held our annual Swimming Sports day.  It is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they have learnt during swimming lessons and also compete against their peers [...]

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Whole School Camp 2017

The Peria School students are lucky enough to start off their school year with a whole school camp at Coopers Beach Christian Camp.  Three days of relationship building, confidence courses, swimming, kayaking and have great [...]

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